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How To Set Better Business Boundaries

VAinParadise Boundaries

“You teach people how to treat you.” 

This quote is applicable to so many of us throughout our lives, both personally and professionally. Sometimes boundaries aren’t so enjoyable to create or enforce; however they are necessary, especially in business. Some of the most important boundaries, when it comes to business, lie between our business and our clients.

To have a healthy and successful business relationship with your clients, boundaries must be developed and continually implemented.  These boundaries will help the variety of different clients that work with your business to be managed and interacted with properly. They will create routines and expectations that carry from client to client creating consistency.

Here are a few boundaries that your business can set to achieve all that was mentioned above.

Manage Business Communication
Good client/business communications can help build and maintain a great relationship, whereas, lack of communication can ruin a relationship and in turn, ruin your business.

Communicating clearly and concisely with your client saves time and money as it eliminates misunderstandings and mistakes. Creating a plan about when you and your client will communicate, whether it is daily or weekly, will keep things organized and the communication channels clear.

Set Consistent Business Hours
By setting business hours that are consistent, clients will be able to know when you will and will not be available. Letting your clients know about your concrete hours is a great way to start continual communication between them and your business.

Establishing clear work and response times, creates habits and expectations that are beneficial for the client and businesses. Make sure you don’t work outside of your availability, as clients will quickly expect your business to be available to them whenever they need it.

Coordinate Business Tasks
Staying organized is a very important boundary to have. Don’t let tasks get tangled together, lost or forgotten because of disorganization. An organized list of tasks allows for changes to easily be made and progress to be reported to the client.

Enforce Payment Deadlines
It is very easy to let time slip away when it comes to billing and payment from clients. Setting payment deadlines, that are made clear to clients, ensure that your business is getting paid the amount it should on the correct date. Also, make it clear to clients when businesses services will be cut off if they do not meet their deadlines.  This may seem like a harsh boundary, but it is necessary for both the success and respect of your business and to continue a good relationship with your client.

There are many more boundaries that can be added to a business, and boundaries can come in many different forms. Each boundary, however, should help keep your business successful and keep creating and maintaining relationships with your clients.

By giving your clients clearly outlined boundaries, you are teaching them how to treat you and your business. If you let a client cross the boundaries that you have created, they will think it is acceptable and continue to do so which can hurt your relationship and business.  Set your business boundaries and stick to them to ensure a better business that you and your clients can benefit from.

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