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2014 Marketing Trends: Content Marketing

VAinParadise content marketingThe idea of content marketing has been developing and gaining popularity in the last few years. Just as cold calling is out and inbound marketing is in, content marketing is an inevitable piece of the future marketing puzzle. In fact, it is one of the top growing fields in marketing with an increase of marketers relying on content marketing for overall marketing success within their organizations.

Content marketing involves consistently creating and sharing any type of content to attract and retain customers. The key to good content marketing is not only providing content to your audiences but also providing interesting and unique content that informs, entertains and engages; news, tips, videos, infographics and blogs are a variety of strong content types. The belief is that if organizations can consistently deliver valuable information, customers will reward them with their business and loyalty.

Content created by your organization should show your voice and brand in a personal way. Provide content that is searchable, do it from the start and build search engine optimization. People’s attention spans have dropped considerably, with their busy schedules; they are constantly on the go using mobile devices to consume their information. With that said, it needs to be small amounts of information delivered in a creative way. Keep content short and simple, and make sure to share it!

To really grow and engage your audience, make the information interesting and entertaining enough that your audience will share it on their social networks. That way your organization is steadily increasing your audience.

Some of the most popular content marketing tactics that are being used include:

Social Media Platforms
These platforms make it easy for you to distribute your content and share content with your audience that has already been created.

By writing and publishing articles on your website you can offer your audience important information about your products and services. By sharing articles from other websites, your company spends less time self-promoting but at the same time is sharing pertinent information.

This type of content marketing offers a continual, on-going communication with your audience.

Blog posts about your industry position your company as a industry leader and educator.

Case studies
Similar to blog posts, case studies focus even more on the benefits and advantages of your product or services while also including testimonials.

These are an up and coming content marketing tactic. Videos allow companies to be creative and reach their audiences without making them read.

White Papers
These offer an in-depth look at a specific part of a companies industry. They can often be submitted to larger, more authoritative websites and new sources for exposure.

Virtual presentations like webinars allows companies to directly interact with their audiences while allowing those audiences to ask questions and make comments.

Instead of listing facts and statistics, format them as an infographic, which displays information in a visually appealing way.

A good content marketing initiative can building brand awareness, help acquire new customers as well as retain customers and increase their loyalty. And most importantly, good content marketing can generate leads.


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